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Speaking Out Isn’t Activism, Demand Your Rights

Did you know that the members of the students’ leadership in college have a salary? They are paid to serve you and so before you turn to rushessay for assignments assistance, check for the help you can get at the writing center for the same.


No one else will keep the students’ leaders and deputies on toes but you, when you feel that you aren’t getting the right service. You can tell it when you are in meetings and one of them may say something that isn’t in line with the rules. Don’t vent on Facebook because you have the right stand on a point of order and tell him or her to clarify the statement.


The online platform is good for mobilizing people to demand their rights, but it won’t have a good impact as when you reprimand a leader before the other students if the objection is in order. You can share the news with other students online or on social media if they weren’t in the meeting, but after you have ignited a process to correct the problem. Students’ leaders and their teams should be made aware that the people they lead are alert and want leaders that will serve them in their capacities.