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LILY Jun 18
towns can see, as for Chu hopes a set......." "Chu hopes a set problem not big, that Xiao Anne country nothing important skill, although the behavior is quite good, whole day know to pull a warehouse inside of taking care of and eating the food and drink drink."Jiang Yi Wu says. "That so dry!" The simply way of Zhang Zhen Wu:"The Darryl Strawberry Jersey dissatisfied voice inside the new soldier is exactly the tallest time, want ~only gun voice one gun now, make the comrades immediately stir up each camp and each object soldier to move, bind to carry more many more good!The soldier is a group of Dans, once having power also Be getting notter afraid.Immediately make them go first Chu to hope a set to receive bullet after waiting, the Xiao Anne's country again badly don't dare as well with so many soldiers for the enemy!Is true if worked oneslf to the bone and then killed him for the full Da son!Get hold of Chu to Dwight Gooden Jersey hope a key empress in set warehouse and then immediately pull up big guns all, return to body to strike against a Du mansion, so opportunity much bigger." Listen to the words of finishing Zhang Zhen Wu, Liu Fu Ji is to certainly descend heart, a long time after put malicious pen at altar Cape up, asseveration way:" So dry, don't successfully then become Ren!" Chapter 43 Liu is together Man river side, a group of brigadeses Jacob deGrom Jersey soldier lines up to a tee brigade row to wait for going aboard. After about two months lately mark generally go to assume office behind since hard again be full of fresh with the concentration training of laughter, new soldier in Hubei 21 mix help 42 mark restart to accept to deploy a task, what to leave is to will soon be deployed to arrive Hankow with family temple Liu's station two camps are three camps. Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi and Yue Peng Mike Piazza Jersey all put Su Hong to livinged to deliver first yesterday in waist of Bo Lang rather M1911, whole body military dress, the skin Xue wiped the Mao was bright, unspeakable spirit. "Hear a cannon voice, text view you immediately take troops back to Hankow assemble Yue Peng, Yue Peng you also want to notice, if Wu Chang is true of in disorder, Hankow here also affirmative someone cause trouble, those Noah Syndergaard Jersey multiply by what fire loot......."Yang Qiu picked to pick an eyebrow. Future generations Hankow ambition in once jotted down in detail, Wu Chang started revolution that night to the second day evening, Hankow of ground the ruffian and rascal after getting the news also corrected to gather and lent the machine unruly conduct Nue and killed to contuse about thousand people, several hundred stores and ticket robbed, light now silver loss exceed several 1,000,000.It is after leading the river to wait Wu Chang troops to only catch ten several people afterwards to make people strange more, only 2 people were executed by shooting, left to all release, money also was missing a trace and shadow, it is thus clear that here water of the noodles is not shallow either. However he wasn't to worry this now, the Yue Peng is an intelligent person, saw with half an eye his meaning, ordered:"The adult trusts, I will let they understand the regular army has what different!". Is two all the heart know that the clear intelligent person of belly mutually sees on smiling, Yang Qiu just continues way:"We are to be on duty troops now, can everybody also only three hair bullets, the non- necessity must notice economical, I wi