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LILY Jun 18
n addition to continuing to take time to make duplicate data everyday, Yang Qiu almost rushes toward all time at train soldier body up, the heavy training makes the soldier too late consider the confusion of outside, connect Marcus Stroman Jersey Chiu text Bin the unstable member of these literature agencies is also tired must lie down and immediately fall asleep every day. Sit in the office to tore the next page calendar paper, he also has over want to draw in to change among them what of impulse, with his understand to future generations Xin Hai, can easily go to the destiny of changing Liu Fu Ji et al, can change small dynasty street ……even can quickly ascend all an of Du!Can after?The Che elbow of groundwork, fame and prestige and party person and anti- rush toward, constitute Roberto Osuna Jersey to send how to forbear?Depend in hand don't arrive 4,000 even the thoughts didn't unify of the soldier can not promise at all. If hastily go to Chuo and take that seat, so can immediately declare a man the sun subjugated. So he finally still kept enduring, because now make moves still too early, the bad sun is wrong to walk to the party from the Yin the person stand opposite noodles that starts to engrave, he very clear he only have an opportunity. Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi Kou opens office Russell Martin Jersey front door, he is still part-time 42 mark secretary post of officer, hope stand full table after coming in of each kind of diagram paper tiny tiny one Leng, turn in a sudden facial expression instauration such as often:"Adult ……change to defend to make to come!" Yang Qiu suddenly but rise, a Duo over formally descend to reach of change to defend to make, heart already violent jump about get up. When owner all feel three towns imitate a Ryan Goins Jersey Buddha overnight seem and resume in the past was calm China Times, along with a greatly changed defend make sent to each camp, some people suddenly blasted open a pot. "Not good." Small dynasty street literature agency the Troy Tulowitzki Jersey organization is just studying Liu Fu Ji who act the plan to hear voice with Zhang Zhen Wu to hurriedly raise head, see the whole body soldier of Jiang Yi Wu pack to hurtle into room, not etc. continues to talk the latter to immediately take off a soldier to pack, fierce infuse two saliva empress just on sweeping table, say:"Do not see, this is all useless, important event." The cannon camp affairs has already made them caught unprepared, because cruise city camp and police to step up to hunt for, make a contacts all beginning not Chang, the morrow accepts to pay the order of the bullet to cause grass-roots soldier's ammunition strange to lack, the eye sees start an uprising add difficulties more, and"important event" lets 2 people's hearts all suddenly descend to sink. "Deploying the diagram has been useless......."Jiang Yi Wu a lift the city on the table to defend diagram, urgently wear to say:"These several days you the tube Be stuffy to study a discussion here, can outside but have already taken place variety! The Rui now has already taken 31 marks Jose Bautista Jersey and 32 mark three camps have already set out into Chuan, at first thought an opportunity come, but Rui Cheng and Zhang Biao those two old dogs suddenly issue order greatly changed defend!" "Greatly change to defend?!"Liu Fu Ji and Zhang Zhen Wu hurriedly to see one eye, frighten of opened widely mouth, saw to have again how many days is Mid-Autumn Festival, start an uprising forthcoming, at the moment not is say that the previous preparation all wants to overthrow to do it again? "How to change?"Liu Fu Ji's temperament is