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LILY Jun 18
e is most of prestige leaving Li to help generally, plus to help all adult to act towards people breadth at ordinary times with, all quite good to the brotherses, so in addition to he outside again have no second candidate." "Adult your meaning BE, we......." "Once having already changed, we immediately Andrew Miller Authentic Jersey control Hankow and man the sun is two towns, then calm down etc. Wu Chang this place of news."Yang Qiu says:"They support Li's helping generally, everyone lives together peacefully, but if they really want to hastily do, so I necessarily can't make them stir up three towns!" "Adult, forgives me presumptuous."Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi asks a way:"Adult has been being saying to protect three towns, this is why?" Yang Qiu sighs tone:"Qing Dynasty has Carlos Santana Authentic Jersey already walked to end, this is the irresistible general trend, can I not am optimistic about people's party again, even if they can obtain success to overthrow Qing Dynasty, but thousand in the last years Chinas the earth have no the precedent of republican, not is to say that the republican isn't good, but at people literacy rate underneath, the common people don't understand the circumstance of republican under, hastily republican can cause domestic's being getting more confusion. The north ocean hand holds large force, the Corey Kluber Authentic Jersey Yuan a life time Kai hibernates already a long time, party person the internal influence is complex, uneven, antinomy and fight the root of all evil originally can not temper. The importance everybodies of three towns all know that open widely a person the whole life strenuous effort established to build industry first the river is also people live in wretched conditions for in the future spreading Francisco Lindor Authentic Jersey of the nation liking sill, once north the ocean battalion necessarily coming to fell, settling however! So.....I want to contend for once and protect it!Although I don't know that the is headed for as well now where, I know, I in no case will break the groundwork of this nation, can't even make the people sink into several Jason Kipnis Authentic Jersey decades of war disorderly!If party the person or northern side can stabilize a nation and lead tens of thousands summer children in Wanhuas to walk into rich and strong, when the time comes I settle however hand over an all things to far cross sea outside don't return any further!And I also hope that you can inspect me......If I disobey the speech of today, so anyone all can from I back open fire!" The Yang Qiu this time words really had a leave, but told several people's sympathy, all of them were sons soldiers of Hubei, loyal to Qing Dynasty has already had no idea, but is the thought inveteracy that the soldier protects a house, be just....... "Calculate up the security corps and Ma Joe Carter Authentic Jersey Guan take of impedimenta camp, we only have only five camps, at most not arrive 4,000 guns, more lack machine gun and big gun these heavy Xie, protect man the sun is probably all right, but Hankow?......North dress have and train level again is bier long odds than us, and the navy can transfer to come, if true come necessarily along the railroad line goes down south to take first Hankow, want to hold up to afraid of......."The Yue Peng just spoke his/her own misgiving, the Xiao Anne's national engraved a way:"The dress of the north is fully by long odds we, but we also not bad, brothers already settle bottom ascend 100 stand machine gun and 300,000 hair bullets, in a few days can immediately ship to!" "Really!" The Yue Peng and Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi shocked towards seeing one eye, again drive, although th