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zongyi Jun 15

A study from Huatai Securities pointed out that a new round of "baby boom" outbreak is a high probability event, driving a substantial increase in the size of children's furniture market; superimposed consumer upgrades and urbanization process brought about by the increase in children's furniture,Beach Bed Wholesaler Billion scale children's furniture market can be expected.

It is worth mentioning that, although the field of children's furniture is optimistic, but the current pattern of the industry is still more scattered,outdoor plastic beach chair buy price the market is also small or even no brand of business to occupy. "This segment is also facing reshuffle, large brands will gradually come to the fore." The domestic industry insiders told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, follow-up, those relative to foreign brands more channel advantage of the domestic brands will be more popular.

In this context, the United States grams of home whether it intends to own brand in the field of children's furniture or to expand the development of specialized children's furniture brand? In this regard, Mu Li did not deny. It only said that now the behavior of consumers changed rapidly, the United States grams of home can not be clearly expressed in the children's furniture will be in its own brand layout or launch a special brand. But once the market validation in the direction of the development of this feasible,outdoor chair store coupon code it will seize the opportunity to launch a more appropriate model.

According to the China Merchants Industry Research Institute of furniture industry monitoring data show that by the end of December 2016, China's domestic industry above the scale of the number of enterprises has reached 5561. Obviously, with the continuous escalation of consumption,garden leisure spa prices the broader scope of the home industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to seek more profit growth point, home enterprises are mostly in the market segment to extend the market, which is not only in the children part. Earlier this year, Yihua life announced to 1.83 billion yuan in cash to buy the world's sofa master Waldorf all the shares, into the soft furniture market.