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zongyi Jun 13

Add up to floor floor photograph to compare with solid ligneous become real wood floor, solid wood, aggrandizement floor is to want within an inch of on intimacy. But because be artifical,put outdoor rubber tiles over top of my decking because this also had a lot of advantages that place of real wood floor does not have:

One, wearability is good: Aggrandizement floor most wear-resisting layer of the surface passes special processing, can achieve very tall hardness, although if the key goes blowing,use acerb good thing, also won't leave a mark.Install A Wood Gate On A Sloped The biggest gain of this advantage is, protective floor also need not is again in daily life and of the overcautious.

2, be able to bear or endure besmirch: When besmirch drops the surface in woodiness material, permeate very easily go down, clear very hard also again. And the surface of aggrandizement floor is troubled completely without this. Because the surface is special material, namely water of outdated Chinese ink goes down, also won't permeate go down, can stay in the surface only, with mop lug can clear clean.

3, good do: Wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure dirty floor, do rise to go to the lavatory naturally. Even if period of time is not done, also need not worry about a floor to be able to be damaged because of this.picket fence painting per square foot This, particularly practical to busy at ordinary times young household.

4, price low trouble is little: Still rising ceaselessly when price of real wood floor when, the price of aggrandizement floor is being gone to gradually however drop, the general aggrandizement floor board on the market uses 90 yuan now / the price of square metre can be bought, calculate come down, the flower can be saved in the budget of the floor many. Because the installation of aggrandizement floor is simple,return, safeguard simple, the vexed nature that causes by the floor is little.

5, design matchs much more easily: Choose and buy of young husband and wife likes more of man-made floor design of quietly elegant can choose this.

The defect of aggrandizement floor:

One, comfortable sex is poor: The ply of aggrandizement floor is less than 1mm normally, and what using data is artifical, because of all but of this comfortable sex nature. But this issue should look so: composite timbers decking size The comfortable sex of aggrandizement floor is not quite good, but the 1/4 that its price has real wood floor board only however, lower even, and place of real wood floor does not have the advantage of aggrandizement floor, when everybody is electing a floor board, do not put comfortable sex in the first.

2, insufficient environmental protection: Aggrandizement floor must use glue in the process that make, because this formaldehyde content was become,measure the important level of aggrandizement floor quality. But everybody also is done not have necessary in this respect “ hears formaldehyde and color changes ” , think aggrandizement floor is one-sidedly not the material of environmental protection. The country has specific provision to the formaldehyde content of aggrandizement floor, the product that does not amount to mark cannot appear on the market absolutely. More what is more,the rather that, the production of floor of aggrandizement of famous brand of not little country is produced with a future life of standard of Europe of E1, E0, environmental protection has safeguard absolutely.