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zongyi Jun 6

as the home of comfortable, healthy resides concept development popular feeling, face of on the spot decorates material choose and buy, more consumer begin to join eye Xiang Mu floor board.[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/wholesale-deck/8399.html]privacy fence panels for sale in oklahoma[/url] Feeling of wooden floor foot comfortable, exterior is natural, kiss warmly to the person and feel, be worth to have. Like that floor type is numerous, commonly real wood floor, aggrandizement floor, solid Mu Fu joins floor, cork floor, bamboo floor board 5 kinds, these floor each has his strong point, after all which suits him more? Below, small make up introduce for you one by one:

real wood floor with get victory of environmental protection, natural

name implies, real wood floor is the ground adornment material that forms after lumber classics drying, treatment, maintained the decorative pattern of raw material nature basically, crural feeling comfortable, use safety is his main characteristic. [url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/wholesale-deck/9847.html]Alternate Options For Plywood[/url]Real wood floor is make by natural tree, consequently of environmental protection is one of big characteristics. In advocate natural, return uncut jade to return really today, real wood floor basically uses writer front courtyard to decorate, face of and other places of bedroom, sitting room, study is familiar its form.

The material of real wood floor is taken from the tree is planted very much, price difference is very consequently big, have Hua Limu, teak preciously, commonner wood having Qi, oak wood, northeast china ash, of valence cheap fir, deal waits.[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/affordable-floor/5669.html]advantages of timber based composites[/url] Decorate the sort of real wood floor on data market to basically be given priority to with tongue-and-groove floor at present, the plain top floor, favour that spells a flower to spell square floor, perpendicular wood floor to wait not to get customer, market share also occupies Debuduo. The price is in commonly 100 ~ 400 yuan / between every square metre, nearly 1000 expensive yuan. Consequently, the personage inside course of study says, price element is the main reason that restricts sales volume of real wood floor, the consumer with economic only better condition just can be used.

There is the thing of perfect on the world, solid Mudebanye is such,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/wholesale-deck/9942.html]cost of replacing a deck[/url] its the biggest drawback is to be out of shape easily, this also becomes bought obstacle.