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zongyi Jun 6

Terex says that its latest Bid-Well 6500 Automatic Roller Paver delivers high performance concrete paving for slabs up to 610mm thick. The machine benefits from a heavy-duty frame design and an 8.9tonne operating weight in standard form. The frame can be configured to meet paving widths from 7.3-18.3m wide, suiting applications in a range of duties including airport runways, taxiways and aprons. Capable of width changes in a matter of hours,earth compaction rollers the roller paver offers an alternative to slipform pavers for these applications. The Terex Bid-Well pavers are well proven in airport applications having been used on more than 100 projects worldwide and this latest version offers increased performance.

The 6500’s patented Rota- Vibe vibration system operates at up to 83.3Hz and delivers ef cient concrete consolidation of the surface. This is said to seal difficult-to-finish concrete that can result from harsh mix designs,road chip spreader knee unpredictable delays, low slump specifications and wind exposure.

An additional tool in ensuring concrete consolidation is the patented dual internal vibration system. This is said to deliver vibration directly to the edgeof the concrete slab. Steering, elevation and cross-slope for the Bid-Well 6500 are controlled by the Terex Roadbuilding exclusive Hydra-Mation grade control system. This simple,highway alligator cracks side weatherproof unit offers 3.75mm precision, allowing contractors to meet strict smoothness specifications. The system delivers the full mechanical range of the sensors and it can be set up quickly.

The 6500 features a 1.2m truss depth, with double-welded and reinforced steel construction to minimise frame deflection. Standard hydraulic power crown adjustment allows quick changes from the operator’s station. The 6500’s crown can be adjusted at any hinge point, and the paver profile can be inverted for use on drainage areas. Powered by a 44.3kW diesel, the paving carriage travels along its carriage rail on heavy-duty carriage rollers with a side thrust roller. Dual 254mm double-flight augers deliver concrete in front of the Rota-Vibe and paving rollers and require less power than single flight augers for operation.

Independent rotation of the two, 1.8m long paving rollers allows three different rolling directions – in unison, reversing or rotating toward each other – for versatility in sealing a variety of mixes. By offering more time under the rollers, the paver is said to optimise surface smoothness,alternative road construction materials even with machine advancements of up to 300mm at a time. The 6500 also offers a standard lift system for the dual drag pans to quickly raise the pans over drain areas and block-outs. The 6500 paver features four-wheel drive for quick transport around the jobsite and is mounted on 203mm diameter legs. The puncture-resistant tyres travel parallel to the form while paving and pivot 90° at the end of the pour, boosting maneouvrability.