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zongyi Jun 5

Companion comes as winter cold wave, aptly warm floor is taken seriously generally by consumer, can spread the ground to warm and the emperor that designs concept vogue avant-courier resembles heavy bamboo product is to get popular favors more,[url=]synthetic teak decking and boat flooring[/url] became this hiemal popular goods.

Because the hiemal is seasonal and the other people with bamboo peculiar goods is rational, concerned expert is special remind: Winter needs to pay attention to bamboo floor conserve.[url=]faux wood wall outdoor cladding South Africa[/url] The winter conserve jewel that trimmed floor board of a heavy bamboo technically below the expert's guidance for this author.

One, keep indoor and ventilated dry

Make a product differ with the general bamboo on the market, holy elephant uses home's banner heavy Zhu Sheng to produce a technology, become via 2600 tons of 18 production process, weigh, product density is even higher than general fact wood. Finishing uses instinctive quality and carbonization two kinds of color are given priority to, reductive bamboo is original characteristic, the adornment style of its light color suits various household styles, it is the compensatory product of rare of series of the light color in product of holy elephant series.[url=]hollow wpc floor install guide[/url] Often ventilated and OK the chemical material that makes bamboo floor medium sends out as soon as possible, let indoor wet moist air send out as soon as possible, reduce pair of floor boards erode.

2, prevent sun insolate and by water wringing

Emperor decorates a gender like bamboo floor more diversification, grain has distinguishing feature more. Retain bamboo nature flavor already, add boundless change in vain again. Those who need an attention is, exceeding sunshine can quicken the ageing of lacquer face and glue, return the drying shrinkage that can cause a floor board and craze.[url=]wpc cladding boards manufacturing[/url] Because this wants in be used daily,avoid sunshine to insolate as far as possible reach by water wringing.

3, avoid attaint floor appearance

Emperor resembles the density structure can of heavy bamboo to compare high-grade hardwood, this also is its can ascend the main reason of cavalcade of floor of height archives wood. Nevertheless, using what good thing still should prevent as far as possible in the process to bump at ordinary times, the attrition of the cut of edge tool, metal, chemical article also cannot be deposited indoors. Be in especially public, need to build carpet to wait in main thoroughfare upper berth.

4, correct cleanness is done

In daily use process, should regular ground cleanness floor, maintain the clean sanitation of the ground. When cleanness, can mix dirt with clean broom first sundry sweep clean, next the dishcloth that reoccupy twists dry water is wiped artificially, if the area is too large when, can wash cloth mop clean, hang a dry water again, with will pull only area. Cut cannot direct bathe, also cannot clear with damp dishcloth or mop. If the condition allows, OK still and removed period of time hits a floor wax to be opposite in order to strengthen the protection of the floor.